Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Crash Bang Wallop

Well we have seen a crash of about 50%, myself I'm not concerned in the sense that I have not put any monetary investment into Bitcoin, It has all been earned or given for free. How much Bitcoin do I have? Not a great amount, before the crash I noticed it up to just over £30 and now it's worth around £12. Is this going to deter me from earning more free coins? NEVER!

So in the spirit of keeping the free Bitcoin scene alive I have a few new sites, we have also seen a few disappear which I will update on the side bar.

You can hit this site EVERY 10 MINS!! Not sure what amount of BTC they are giving away but hey it all adds up!

Here is a site you can request coins every 30 minutes, not bad eh? Again not sure what amount they are paying still nothing to loose, give them a try!

Yet again another site where you can request every 30 minutes.

Well that wraps up the latest update, I would love to know how much YOU have grown your Bitcoins, so please leave a comment and if you have discovered anywhere new to get free coins let us know!

The Duke

Thursday, 4 April 2013

I thought I should bring a few of the findings to the table.

Earn Free BitCoins
Here we have a site that will payout for visiting websites for a set amount of time. Not much to view at the moment but it should be good for a few coins!

Free Coins
This is a one time only deal, so if you have not come across this site yet give them a go for a one time payout!

A really simple daily payout.

An hourly payout Spanish site but it's simple enough to work out what you are doing. 

An new hourly site, yet again really simple, get it added to your daily faucet list!

Things have been picking up and more people are visiting! I hope you like what you have seen so far and don't forget to bookmark us so you can come back and visit!


The Duke

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Some New Daily Payouts With A Bonus!

A few new simple sites I have come across and I thought I would share them with your good selves. They are daily payouts but one has a bonus which I will explain below.

Bit Hits
A simple site which you pop in your coin address, hit submit and get a payout. This site pays out daily. 

This site is simple daily payout, pop in the normal details then receive your daily payout......... or you could register and then you are able to get an hourly payout! Good Stuff if I do say so myself.

I am still on the lookout for any new sites which I can bring to the table. Please if anybody else knows of any then leave a comment or drop me an email.

Take it easy Coiners

The Duke

Saturday, 23 March 2013

Pyramid Scheme??

Hmmmm so I have a new site here that is quick and easy to signup with the BitCoin Pyramid and I believe they offer you coins for signing up and getting referrals. It also says you will get more returns when you deposit bit coins with them. I am going to keep an eye on this site and see what comes of it, maybe deposit a small amount and see what comes of it. Although we have all heard of pyramid schemes and how dodgy they are......

More on this site later!

The Duke

Easy BitCo.in back up and running

Well the site had gone down but now it is back up and in full effect. Sadly I had lost all my referrals :(

These things happen, If you don't know what the easy Bitcoin website then here is a recap from earlier in the blog!

This site requires a signup. Once you signup (which is very easy) you will be given three option to earn you BitCoins from, you can get paid to click, which means you have to view a website for a minimum of 300 seconds, once you have viewed the website you need to enter the captcha code at the top of the page and you will be credited with the relevant amount of BitCoins. The second option you have is to view a website but for a significantly shorter length of time, around 15 seconds.
Overall a pretty easy site to use and if you do feel like signing up then please use the link above then you can be one of my referees!

I am going to update with a few new sites I have come across. Just adding the finishing touches!

The Duke

Monday, 4 March 2013

What is this CoinUrl all about??

Hi again I though i would mention a little bit about the website coinurl and what they have to offer!

Firstly coinurl is a link shortening service, which will create a shortened link that will display an advert first then take you to the destination page. So by doing this it is yet another way to grow your BitCoins. Advertisers will pay coinurl to show there websites and whoever creates a shortened link will will receive a small number of satoshis for any successful click through.

So this is yet another way to grow them coins. If you have a blog or a website you may want to consider using coinurl! Especially if you have a lot of traffic coming through your site.

Also you may want to consider buying some advertising from them to gain more traffic to you site!

So another great way to grow them BitCoins 

The Duke

Sunday, 24 February 2013

....Video Killed the Radio Star

These following two websites are about watching videos in return for BitCoins. This can be fun if you are into watching crazy YouTube videos, it can also be a bit boring if say you are watching a video of a woman washing up…. Or you may find that FUN, I don’t know!

This site could not be simpler just enter your wallet address, and then click play to watch the video. Once you have watched the clip enter the captcha code and cue up the next video! Only problem with this site is the annoying hippy woman at the beginning!!

Again really simple, put in your wallet address and click on get BitCoins for free, then watch the videos and get paid. Just a quick note on this site sometimes I don’t get paid for watching the video!! If you click on the FAQ there are some instructions to follow, but unfortunately they didn't work for me!

Okay that wraps it up for this post, there are a few more sites where you can watch videos but they link in with the next post which is all about the sites where you complete offers and surveys for BitCoins. With these sites you can actually earn quite a few coins but it will take up more time!

Enjoy watching your video clips and we will be back soon!

The Duke