Sunday, 24 February 2013

....Video Killed the Radio Star

These following two websites are about watching videos in return for BitCoins. This can be fun if you are into watching crazy YouTube videos, it can also be a bit boring if say you are watching a video of a woman washing up…. Or you may find that FUN, I don’t know!

This site could not be simpler just enter your wallet address, and then click play to watch the video. Once you have watched the clip enter the captcha code and cue up the next video! Only problem with this site is the annoying hippy woman at the beginning!!

Again really simple, put in your wallet address and click on get BitCoins for free, then watch the videos and get paid. Just a quick note on this site sometimes I don’t get paid for watching the video!! If you click on the FAQ there are some instructions to follow, but unfortunately they didn't work for me!

Okay that wraps it up for this post, there are a few more sites where you can watch videos but they link in with the next post which is all about the sites where you complete offers and surveys for BitCoins. With these sites you can actually earn quite a few coins but it will take up more time!

Enjoy watching your video clips and we will be back soon!

The Duke

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