Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Crash Bang Wallop

Well we have seen a crash of about 50%, myself I'm not concerned in the sense that I have not put any monetary investment into Bitcoin, It has all been earned or given for free. How much Bitcoin do I have? Not a great amount, before the crash I noticed it up to just over £30 and now it's worth around £12. Is this going to deter me from earning more free coins? NEVER!

So in the spirit of keeping the free Bitcoin scene alive I have a few new sites, we have also seen a few disappear which I will update on the side bar.

You can hit this site EVERY 10 MINS!! Not sure what amount of BTC they are giving away but hey it all adds up!

Here is a site you can request coins every 30 minutes, not bad eh? Again not sure what amount they are paying still nothing to loose, give them a try!

Yet again another site where you can request every 30 minutes.

Well that wraps up the latest update, I would love to know how much YOU have grown your Bitcoins, so please leave a comment and if you have discovered anywhere new to get free coins let us know!

The Duke

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